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All of my work is based on the art of making you look radiant, enhancing your beauty to enjoy every special moment of your life. I am passionate about what I do, and love to spread my love for makeup to all of my clients.


What I can do for you

Personal Makeover

I love contributing something extra to clients whenever they need it. When you come to me for my services, I know you are looking for something special — and I deliver just that. For every occasion, I use high quality and long lasting makeup that will truly leave you glowing with radiance. Contact me today and get the look you've always wanted.

Makeup Lessons

Right now is the perfect time for a beauty lesson. After a session with me, you will leave feeling better, confident and ready to enhance your beauty at home. I use color theory, visagism and other advanced techniques in order to give each person the look that fits them the best. Come in so I can help you to achieve a unique look that matches your style

Cosmetic Products
Eye Shadow with Brush

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Eye Shadow

"Beauty of style and harmony and grace and rhythm depend on simplicity"